ADWAR Signs New Project Agreement

ADWAR’s general director Sahar AlKawasmeh signed a new project agreement entitled:” Supporting gender equality regarding access to education in the south Hebron hill” funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of UK government.

The project will be implemented in partnership with education directorate of South Hebron (Yatta), Yatta Municipality, HIRN, ACF, World Vision, in addition to the French organization (Citoyen Des Rues).

The importance of this project comes from joint action among partner organizations in terms of providing a separate school for girls (caravans) in Zeef within “C” area of Yatta/South of Hebron. In which tasks and responsibilities been distributed among partners according to each partner goals and programs in order to reduce dropout for girls and maintain sustainability in education and participation in all interactive, extracurricular, sports, social, and entertaining activities.

The project aims to improve the psychological health for girl students through offering psyche-social private room including logistic needs, in order to treat girl’s problems and emphasize their self-esteem. Also, to improve the quality and efficiency of education system in Caravan school through offer computers to facilitate their work with students. In addition to raise Yatta in general and Zeef in particular community about the rights for education for girls and Negative effect as a result of increasing the high school dropout rate.

As for her part ADWAR general director Sahar AlKawasmeh mentioned that the project will contribute about investing in girls’ education through partnership relations, as it is considered to be an important tool to empower girls. Also, according to the sensitivity of “C” area , social and political circumstances that those girls face in Zeef area

ADWAR general director

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