Social Empowerment for Ex-detained Palestinian Women

Monday, 21/11/2016, at Palestinian Society Prisoner’s Club – Hebron.

Roles for social Change Association – ADWAR- in partnership with Palestinian Society Prisoner’s Club and prisoner affairs held a special meeting titled psychological and social support for women prisoners who suffer from gender-based violence. with the presence of large group of ex-detainees prisoners from Hebron, Sahar Yousef AL-Kawasmeh – director of ADWAR-, Amjad Al-Najjar – Director of the Palestinian Society Prisoner’s Club-, Aseel Muhanna- the club’s secretariat, in addition to the trainer Leila Al-rejai and the community activist Sarah Da’ajna.

This meeting aimed to support prisoners psychologically and socially, and to encourage them to continue their practices within social roles, Because of the great national role that they play, in addition to development of new future planned action in order to achieve their demands and rights.

Al-Najjar started the meeting, and stressed on the importance of strengthening the joint relationship between ADWAR and Palestinian Society Prisoner’s Club, as he pointed to the importance joint plans to highlight the issue of prisoners as a priority issue for women and community institutions.

Then Aseel expressed her relief for this great presence, because it allows us to implement many activities and achieve prisoners needs.

Al-Kawasmeh, confirmed that the ADWAR is committed to the given in previous meetings, then she stressed on possible efforts to Support the prisoners through ADWAR’s three programs – economic, social and political.

Sarah Da’ajna praised this work, and pointed to the importance of partnership in support the prisoners, and encouraged them to continue their role, because whenever they encounter difficulties and challenges from the society, should not affect them badly.

In the end of this meeting the ex-detainees prisoner -Gouzlan Hijjeh- expressed relief and glad about this meeting, and considered it as a first step towards the implementation of the approved operational plan by the prisoners, which is an essential right to them.

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