Field visit to Um AlKhair Women Protection Committee

Tuesday, 22/11/2016, in Um AlKhair South of Yatta-Hebron
Roles for Social Change Association-ADWAR in partnership with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women held a meeting with presence of UN Women representatives Mrs.Nisreen Alami, Ms.Hilka Jonikien, and Mr.Shadi Sader, as well as ADWAR’s general director Mrs. Sahar ALKawasmeh.
Several men and women hosted the meeting in Um AlKhair Bedouin community such as Mr.Ibrahim AlHathaline whom are the head of Bedouin gathering council, Mr Suliman AlHathaline , and other young men and women activists especially the protection committee women members.
ADWAR’s representative started the opening ceremony and illustrated achievements of the project, in which there had been a newly established protection committee for women to shed light on women’s suffering and political violence by occupation. They also illustrated the way women are enabled with documentation of violations’ mechanisms and tools.
The protection committee member and local council member Mrs.Kefaya AlHathaline demonstrated a short video that documents violations to women and forms of violence practiced by occupation. She also highlighted the importance of the project for Bedouin women.
Nisreen Alami also talked about the importance of the project as well as ADWAR’s role in reaching women and identifying their needs, and she stressed on the importance of a women protection committee in such Bedouin area. Furthermore, Iman and Ni’mah AlHathaline told their stories while documenting and the way it affects women and family in general. As all protection committee members confirmed the importance of activating the role of UN Women in Bedouin women rights’ protection according to 1325 resolution.

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